Water laboratory

The institute has been investigating the water quality of the five big Upper Austrian lakes since 2007. We are under contract with the government of Upper Austria to implement the “Gewässerzustandsüberwachungsverordnung (GZÜV)”.

Further emphasis is on the water analysis in connection with several research projects at our Fishery Kreuzstein. Moreover, we offer water analyses to determine if a body of water is appropriate to keep fish and in case of unsettled fish mortality, if the cause is water quality.

We provide analyses of the following parameters:

  • oxygen content and oxygen saturation
  • pH value
  • carbonate hardness (acid binding capacity)
  • electrical conductivity
  • organic load
  • determination of ammonium nitrate, nitrite, nitrate
  • orthophosphate and total phosphorus
  • chloride
  • content of suspended matter

To assure accuracy and precision of our analytical results we installed a quality management system according to EN ISO/IEC 17025 in 2007. The analytical results are evaluated in periodic external audits.

published at 22.11.2019, IGF