• Groundwater protection

    Groundwater, which is a main source for drinking water in Austria, is always covered by soil. Its soiling regulates the infiltration of rainfall into the underground and prevents unwanted materials from entering the groundwater. How effective this conservation is, depends on the filter effect of the soils and on the quantity of water seeping through. Our goal is to conserve the ground water punctually and laminar so it can be used as drinking water without further processing.

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  • Watershed hydrology and erosion

    Soil is degraded by water and wind and may be transported to surface waters. That puts a strain on our waters and impairs the functions of the soil. It is our goal to conserve the soils which are threatened by erosion to prevent pollutants from entering our waters and preserving the soil functions. Additionally our focus lies on minimizing the surface runoff during extreme rainfall.

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  • Land use and Land development

    In the basin landscapes of Austria, where there is an abundance of groundwater which can be used as drinking water, the soils often are intensively used for agricultural and silvicultural purposes. This use has an impact on quality and functionality of the soil. Substances like manure, compost and pesticides are put into the soil where intense transformations take place.

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