Treelysimeter "Jägerhausgasse"

In August 2014 a set of 6 tree lysimeters was constructed at the branch ‘Jägerhausgasse’ of the College for horticulture ‘Schönbrunn’.

Contact Person: Erwin Murer

Brief Description

On the one hand, the aim of this project was determining the suitability of the developed tree substrates ‘The Viennese Tree Substrate – unsuperstructed’ and ‘The Viennese Tree Substrate – superstructed’, on the other hand it also examines the water, and nutrient budgets of city trees in Vienna.

The lysimeters have a square surface of 9m2 and are 1.5 meters deep. In order to capture the water content, matrix potential and ground temperature continuously, probes were integrated in the lysimeters. Ground water is extracted via suction cups with a continuous vacuum and the quantity of percolation is being determined by tipping buckets. Furthermore, weather data (rainfall, global radiation, atmospheric temperature, relative atmospheric humidity and wind velocity) is being accumulated as well.

published at 09.11.2017, IKT - Institut für Kulturtechnik und Bodenwasserhaushalt