Contact Person: Andreas Scheidl

Brief Description:

In Austria, drinking water is frequently taken from the main basins and valleys which are predominantly filled with gravel. Thus sustainable management of these areas has a high priority. Despite the importance of these groundwater resources, relatively little information is available on the movement of water and solutes within the gravelly layers that constitute these basins.

We have therefore constructed an indoor lysimeter device that may support research questions with focus on water and solutes flow within gravels.

The Petzenkirchen indoor lysimeter consists of a gravel core of 4m x 0.8 m that has been collected undisturbed. The device is fully equipped with a set of 60 sensors to measure water content, temperature and tension in different levels. Suctions cups are used to collect soil water. In addition balances are used to obtain total weight as well as outflow and inflow volumes for the lysimeter.

published at 07.11.2017, IKT - Institut für Kulturtechnik und Bodenwasserhaushalt