Objectives and Missions

In Austria we are partly responsible for ensuring that future generations have sufficient ground water and surface water of high quality.



Nowadays water management means taking responsibility for reconciling contrasting interests concerning water. Contamination is not only a risk in connection with surface water, but also affects the ground water, which is a main source of our drinking water. In accordance with our motto ‘Soil conservation=Water conservation’ we aspire to preserve and improve our soils as a filter and a reservoir for our water and therefore guarantee high quality surface water and ground water and functioning soils for generations to come. We refer to what we do as ‘Soil | Hydrology | Management’. In the spirit of sustainability we intervene in the hydrological cycle, in order to achieve this goal.

published at 06.09.2016, BAW-IKT - Institut für Kulturtechnik und Bodenwasserhaushalt