Soil cover is crucial for sustainable agriculture. Up to now the estimation of soil cover by vegetation and residues is labour and time consuming. The SoilCover project deals with the development and implementation of an automated image classification method for soil cover estimation of vegetation and residues.


Project processing: T. Bauer, P. Strauss

Project promotion: Amt der NÖ Landesregierung - Abteilung Wirtschaft, Tourismus und Technologie


Projectpartner:  Francisco Josephinum, Josephinum Research, FarmDoc GmbH

Brief Description:

Soil cover is an important factor in soil hydraulics and management of arable sites. There is still a lack of reliable, subjective and timesaving methods for estimating soil cover onsite.

In a joint cooperation project between Josephinum Research and the Institute of Land and Water Management Research a method for soil cover estimation out of images is developed.

Focus of this joint project is to develop a subjective algorithm for soil cover estimation based on a training dataset. The validation and implementation of this algorithm into an Android-App, as a web interface and standalone program are the main tasks within this project.


Riegler, P., Prankl, J., Bauer, T., Strauss, P., Prankl, H., 2016. An Integrated Image Analysis System for the Estimation of Soil Cover. CIGR-AGEng Conf. Proc. 421, 1–8.

published at 29.11.2016, BAW-IKT - Institut für Kulturtechnik und Bodenwasserhaushalt