Advantages of structural variety and species richness in vine growing regions are diverse and can reduce additional external inputs. In the VineDivers project the compatibility of wine production and biodiversity on different scales will be analysed. The main target of the VineDivers project is the development of a recommendation note for vine growers and politicians to evaluate the influences of different management practices on ecosystem services in wine growing regions.


Project processing: P. Strauss, M. Kumpan

Project promotion: FWF – Biodiversa FACCE



Brief Description:

The VineDivers project evaluates the effects of different management practices for wine growing on ecosystem services (ecological diversity, soil microorganisms, plant richness, wild bees, carbon sequestration, erosion mitigation, landscape aesthetics, quality and quantity of wine, tourism and recreation value).

Altogether 72 different landscape elements of four European vine growing countries (France, Spain, Austria and Romania) are observed. The Institute of Land and Water Management Research is responsible for the soil classification, soil physical measurements, erosion modelling and development of a conceptual model of the interactions between management and ecosystem services on an regional scale.


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published at 29.11.2016, BAW-IKT - Institut für Kulturtechnik und Bodenwasserhaushalt