Pond management

  • Advice for sustainable management of ponds
  • Investigations of water quality
  • Measurement of the fat of carps
  • Plankton investigations; particular attention is given to the use of plankton species as a major part of natural feeding.
  • Advice in case of damages caused by predators – due to an order by the Lower Austrian government, otter damages have been recorded since 1991

Recirculation Aquaculture System

  • We provide fundamental and management advice when planning a recirculation aquaculture system

Education and advanced vocational training

  • The department is involved in the vocational education “Facharbeiter/-in Fischereiwirtschaft” and “Fischereimeister/-in”. Our emphasis is on pond aquaculture.
  • We offer special courses in fishery

Fish Species Surveying

  • Electro fishing and trap monitoring for surveying fish, as well as for assessing the success of restoration and remediation projects.
published at 22.11.2019, IGF