About us

Water is Life. To comply with the high demands of environment and consumers, it is necessary to carry out research, analytics and control of water and water resources systems. The Federal Agency for Water Management (BAW) supplies these services for the public. BAW develops decision support for solving water resources challenges.

  • History

    The Federal Agency for Water Management was founded in 1995, as an integration of the four Agencies ‘Federal Agency for Water Ecology, Fisheries and Lake Research’, ‘Federal Agency for Land and Water Management Research’, ’Federal Agency for Water Quality’ and ’Federal Agency for Hydraulic Engineering and Calibration of Hydrometrical Current Meters’.

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  • Our Tasks and Aims

    In addition to supporting policy makers, BAW generates expertise and provides sound consultancy.

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  • Mission Statement

    We work for the public in the fields of water ecology, groundwater protection and flood protection.

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  • Equal treatment is important for us

    The Federal Agency for Water Management is dedicated towards an active equal treatment policy to ensure equal opportunity for women and men.

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