ECOsystem-based governance with DAnube lighthouse Living Lab for sustainable Innovation processes

As part of the EU mission "Restore our Oceans, seas & waters by 2030", the so called EcoDaLLi project will help to achieve the freshwater targets of the European Green Deal. A systemic approach for restoration, protection and preservation of the entire Danube Basin and its Delta is being developed and guaranteed through coordinated measures.

The main goal of the project, which officially started in January 2023, is to centralize Danube governance structures. It supports innovations for improved ecological restoration, protection and preseration of the Danube Basin and its Delta by fostering a well-connected Living Lab system, supported by a digital portal, completely linked to the EU Missions Implementation Platform.

Photo: Danube near Weissenkirchen (Wachau)

Logo from EcoDaLLi


EcoDaLLi will support innovators to connect to governance structures by:

  • providing and maintaining networks,
  • trough dedicated Living Labs for knowledge co-creation,
  • workshops,
  • a custom made digital portal for synergies,
  • and innovation support services, to experiment with new solutions, helping the innovation ecosystem to create circular services towards Sustainable Blue Economy in the Danube Basin and beyond.

Photo: Danube near Nussdorf (Vienna)

The Danube is the second largest river in Europe after the Volga and drains large parts of central and south-eastern Europe. On its way from the Black Forest towards the Black Sea, it flows through ten countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine) - more than any other river on earth.

The EcoDaLLi project partners come from the Danube bordering states Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania, but also from France, Georgia, Greece and Great Britain. They come from administration, universities, the private sector and NGOs.

project duration

01/01/2023 – 06/30/2026

work packages

The EcoDaLLi project is divided into the following work packages:

  • WPT1: Project Management
  • WPT2: Nature based solutions & eco-system connectivity for the protection and restoration of freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity
  • WPT3: Innovative practices in spatial policies for the protection and restoration of freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity
  • WPT4: Danube river basin Lighthouse governance and networking
  • WPT5: Fostering a strong innovation ecosystem for the protection and restoration of freshwater ecosystems and biodiversity
  • WPT6: EcoDaLLi Portal Implementation for better crossfertilisation of achieved results
  • WPT7: Danube Innovation Action Plan
  • WPT8: Dissemination, Exploitation, Communication

Total budget of the project

2.68 million euros / Funded by the European Union