6th International Carp Conference

At the 6th International Carp Conference in Szarvas, Hungary from 31.08. to 01.09. the Institute of Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries Management was represented with a presentation on the measurement of fat content in carp. Gentle, non-invasive measurement with the Distell Fish Fat Meter provides a quick and reliable way to control the quality of carp for consumpion in terms of fat content in the fillet. The method does not require the fish to be killed or anaesthetised, and handling out of the water is kept to an absolute minimum and can be carried out during the grading process. Since 2006, the Federal Agency for Water Management has been offering fat measurement to interested pond keepers as part of the "Fat Monitor" programme. The programme gives a good report on the quality of Austrian carp with an average fat content of about 5%.