Expert discussion between Bavaria and Austria on otter management

On August 24, 2023, a meeting of experts in fisheries, pond management and politicians from Bavaria and Lower Austria, initiated by the Bavarian State Fisheries Association President Axel Bartelt, took place in Schloss Waldreichs in the Waldviertel region. In addition to pond tours and a boat trip on the Ottenstein Reservoir, the Bavarian delegation was also offered two presentations. Staff member Günther Gratzl from the Ecological Station Waldviertel, represented the Federal Office for Water Management and reported on the development of the reports for fish losses in Lower Austria.

Managing director representative of the Lower-Austrian pond farmers association and Chamber of Agriculture Aquaculture-Officer Melanie Haslauer gave an overview of the development of the Lower Austrian otter population. The growth of otter damage in both countries and possibilities for otter management were discussed in detail during the day. The Vice President of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Agriculture Andrea Wagner emphasized in particular the importance of public relations and mutual understanding in dealing with predators.

The exchange was a great success and we are looking forward to further stimulating discussions.