Again, the expertise of the Ecological Station Waldviertel was in great demand in October 2023

Staff member Günther Gratzl was able to act as a lecturer several times in the last weeks and let his audience benefit from his many years of experience. On October 11 and 19, he was active as a lecturer and examiner in the certificate course pond ranger of the Rural Training Institute of Niederösterreich. On the first day, the prospective pond rangers learned everything about the fishing of a carp pond and were even able to work on a pond of the Ottenstein estate under expert guidance. As an examiner, Günther Gratzl was then part of a three-person jury that judged the script and the execution of the final pond educational tour of a team of two.

On 17.10. a full-day seminar on the topic of "Pond construction and pond revitalization", also initiated by Rural Training Institute Niederösterreich, took place. As ponds for aquaculture are subject to several fields and legal framework conditions (water law, nature conservation law, forest law, ...) this is a very complex topic. Here, too, Günther Gratzl was able to inspire the audience with his practical stories and realistic presentations of problems. The interest in the building and operation of carp ponds is present and the Ecological Station is happy to make its contribution to the knowledge transfer and training of interested parties.