Federal Agency at the 5th National Fish Health-Workshop

The Austrian Society of Veterinary Physicians is dedicated to promoting veterinary medicine in all its scientific facets. Its mission is to disseminate scientific knowledge, enhance the exchange among veterinarians, and establish connections with other scientific societies. Additionally, the society maintains relationships with authorities, corporations, and other institutions in the field of veterinary medicine to convey and represent the professional expertise and viewpoints of its members.

The Aquatic Animals Section serves as a bridge between practitioners and scientists working in the field of aquatic animal medicine. In this context, the section organized the "5th National Fish Health Workshop" for the fifth time. The event, held on November 17th and 18th, 2023, at VetMeduni in Vienna, extensively focused on the impacts of rising water temperatures on the health of fish in open waters and aquaculture.

Upon the invitation of the Chairwoman of the Aquatic Animals Section, Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. vet. Eva Lewisch, the Federal Office for Water Management was strongly represented. Florian Keil, MSc BA presented a report on the development of water temperatures in Austrian waters and their effects on water parameters. His presentation clarified the consequences of warming based on data evaluated by the Federal Office on surface waters in Austria (rivers, lakes, ponds).

In his contribution, Mag. Dr. Franz Lahnsteiner concentrated on the adaptation mechanisms of fish to increased water temperatures, drawing on numerous international publications from the Department of Fish Farming and Research at Kreuzstein Fish Farm.

The Institute's Head, Maga. Dr. Daniela Achleitner, spontaneously delivered a presentation, discussing the effects of warming on aquatic organisms and food webs. She emphasized the extent of knowledge about aquatic food webs while highlighting the unpredictability of the effects of warming.

The Federal Office for Water Management extends sincere thanks to the organizers for the kind invitation and the opportunity for professional exchange.