Shrimp and catfish at the basic course on aquaculture in warm water recirculation systems

The basic course “Aquaculture in warm water recirculation systems” took place between April 15 - 19, 2024 at the Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Fisheries Management. Fish production in closed systems is becoming increasingly important, which is reflected not least in the 2022 aquaculture statistics - although there is a slight dip in growth here (which is probably due to cost increases in oxygen, feed and energy in this sector in particular), it is probably only a matter of time before production in recirculating aquaculture systems overtakes that of carp species (2022: 617 t carp species to 536 t clarias & others).

The Federal Office's basic course, led by Christian Bauer and his team (Ökostation), provided an overview of this production sector and covered many topics (legal issues, water chemistry, hygiene, transport, slaughter, fish health, labeling, plant technology, etc.). Many thanks to all the lecturers who imparted their specialist knowledge during the course.

Graduates of the course should be able to assess the technological and economic possibilities and risks of fish production in a warm water recirculation system and thus acquire the basis for entering this form of fish production.

Many thanks are also due to the excursion companies, who gave an insight into the systems they have built up with a lot of sweat and effort and openly addressed the opportunities and risks of the sector. Many thanks to Christoph & family (HOFFisch) and Ulrich and Andreas (Kremstalgarnelen) for this!!

The next course is planned for April 2025.