Water samples will again be analysed at the Institute of Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries Management

We are pleased to announce that we will again be able to accept water samples for suitability testing for aquaculture in our laboratory from 1 July 2023. The prices are based on our current tariff schedule. Water samples can only be treated by telephone agreement! Fishery chemical parameters will be routinely analysed:

  • temperature
  • oxygen
  • conductivity
  • pH
  • SBV
  • ammonium

Instructions for the correct collection of water samples

Container: clean glass/plastic bottles; e.g. mineral water bottles
Volume: at least 2 L per sample
Sampling points: Inlet + outlet

  1. Measure temperature on site at the sampling point and note it down
  2. Label bottle: sampling point, date, time, sampler if applicable
  3. Rinse the bottle (including the lid!) several times with the sample.
  4. Hold the bottle horizontally at the water surface and slowly lower it 20-30cm so that the water can SLOWLY flow into it - avoid splashing!
    See figure 1
  5. 5. if possible, close the bottle under water without air bubbles, also remove air bubbles from the lid beforehand (turn upwards under water!).
    If not possible: Fill the bottle completely without air bubbles, form a water dome on the bottle opening with the help of the lid and close the bottle,
    See figure 2
  6. For transport or storage, COOL the samples! (4-7°C)

Proceed in the same way for each sample.


Mag. Dr. Daniela Achleitner Head - Institute for Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries Management
Scharfling 18
5310 Mondsee