Official signature

Publication of the figurative mark in accordance with Section 19 (3) of the E-Government Act (E-GovG)

The Federal Agency for Water Management (BAW) uses the figurative mark uploaded as an image with the article for officially signed documents.

Verification of the electronic official signature

  1. the official signature can be checked under "additional information".
  2. a current version of the "Adobe Reader" program shows the authenticity of the document in the "Signatures" tool.

Verification of the paper printout of an official signed document

Recipients of printouts of officially signed documents have the following options for an authenticity check:

1. sending the document by mail or handing it in personally at the receiving office of the Federal Agency for Water Management.
2. sending the scanned document as an e-mail to the mail address of the clerk, which can be taken from the letterhead.

The person in charge of the case checks whether the submitted document is the indicated document and, in case of positive verification, answers the request with in German: "Das von Ihnen vorgelegte Dokument stammt von der angegebenen Behörde und ist inhaltlich unverändert. Translate in English: "The document submitted by you is from the indicated authority and its content is unchanged." with written completion.

In case of negative verification, the following response is provided in German: "Das von Ihnen vorgelegte Dokument konnte von der angegebenen Behörde nicht verifiziert werden." Translate in English: "The document submitted by you could not be verified by the indicated authority."