Hydraulic Engineering

To ensure that our rivers and streams fulfil their ecological function and at the same time we humans can use the water and are sufficiently protected from floods, it is necessary to carry out regulatory hydraulic engineering measures.

In our work, we combine the areas of water ecology, flood protection and water use into ecological hydraulic engineering.

Current thematic focuses are

  • the solids budget (transport of bed load, suspended matter and wood),
  • the river dynamics associated with sediment transport as a basis for the biodiversity of our waters,
  • limiting river dynamics only where necessary for flood protection and
  • the connectivity of water bodies with their surrounding areas.

In developing sustainable solutions, we consider not only local sections of water bodies, but also possible influences from the catchment area upstream as well as effects on downstream watercourses.


Ursula Stephan, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Hydrometry - Deputy Head; Department Hydraulic Engineering - Head
Am Brigittenauer Sporn 3
A-1200 Vienna