Interesting and challenging module 2 of the master course in fisheries management

In September 2023, the master's course in fisheries management, the highest qualification in vocational training in agriculture and forestry in Austria, started its three-year cycle. This master course, which is held in Scharfling at the Institute of Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries Management, is one of the most important and, above all, highest qualifications for the fishing industry.

The second of six training modules took place between January 15 and 26, 2024.

The management of (natural) waters as well as fish health and operational and business management were on the agenda this time. It is particularly important for a master craftsperson in the fishing industry to understand natural ecosystems (watercourses, lakes) and to use them sustainably in the long term by means of fishing activities. This is precisely why an ecosystem approach to water management, an understanding of the fishing organization in Austria and public interests are of great importance.

The rough concepts of the master's theses were also presented by the candidates for the 2023-2026 cycle and possible supervisors were discussed. Representatives of the LFA and the LK were also present to provide feedback on the planned work. The (further) development of the business or a business project is at the heart of a master thesis.

At the end of the module and the professional examination, the participants said:

"It was a great but also challenging time."
"On Friday after the exam, everyone just wanted to go home because we were all very exhausted."

However, a quick recovery is called for, because over the next two years, the master craftsmen will be required to deal intensively with the technical orientation of their business and the business management opportunities in their companies as part of their master craftsman work.


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