90 new masters for the future of agriculture and forestry

In Upper Austria, a total of 90 masters completed their agricultural vocational training with the master craftsman examination in the 2022/23 educational season. In the festive ambience of the Agricultural Training Center Lambach, Federal Councilor Johanna Miesenberger, the Vice President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture Karl Grabmayr, the Vice President of the Upper Austrian Chamber of Agriculture Gertraud Wiesinger, as well as the Chairwoman of ARGE Meister Mag. Daniela Burgstaller presented the master craftsmen's certificates.

Master of the year 2023:

The chairwoman of ARGE Meister Oberösterreich, Magister Daniela Burgstaller presented the masters of the year 2023. Each master examination is a special achievement. From the group of this year's masters, five people were named who have excelled in different ways.

In the fishing industry, Michael Ehrenleitner became Master of the Year; sustainable and high-quality fish farming captured his heart!

Michael grew up in Grünau im Almtal next to a farm. However, he had almost nothing to do with agriculture. Inspired by his wife Johanna and father-in-law, he discovered his passion for working with fish and his love of nature.

When Michael and Johanna took over an abandoned farm in 2011, they both decided to take the second path of education to become skilled agricultural workers. They brought farming back to life with various animals. It was fish farming that captured Michael's heart. Therefore, Michael decided to complete the skilled worker in the fishing industry and immediately afterwards the master craftsman. With the topic "Approval and expansion of the Kronawitter fish farm", the business was closely examined in his master's thesis.

Today Michael and Johanna are living their dream. They run their farm full time and share their passion for fish farming with visitors. Their love for nature and sustainable fishing is evident in every phase of their work. This passion is palpable in every fish he raises. His work is an expression of his conviction and a living testament to the importance of passion and dedication in fish farming. In addition to his profession, Michael has been a member of the Grünau im Almtal music society for over twenty years. There, the has taken on leadership roles and developed a sense of community. But his true passion lies in sustainable and high-quality fishing.

Education Master of Fisheries


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