Prospective skilled workers in the "carp country" Waldviertel

Skilled worker module 4: Carp pond management and recirculation systems

The module 4 of the skilled worker training of the Federal Office for Water Management took place from 10.07. to 14.07.2023 in the Waldviertel, Lower Austria.

This week not only deals with carp pond farming, which is traditionally deeply rooted in the Waldviertel region, but also gives an insight into the highly modern and technologized form of aquaculture, warm water recirculation systems. For this module, the Institute for Aquatic Ecology and Fisheries Management uses the infrastructure of the Agricultural College Edelhof, which has a teaching recirculation facility and is also located in close proximity to the hatchery and the holding facility of the carp pond management of the monastery Zwettl.

In order to be able to cope with the broad field of content, the first two days were dedicated to the recirculation facilities and the following two days to the carp ponds.

In the subject block of recirculating systems, the speakers paid particular attention to system technology and water chemistry. In the area of carp pond management, pond construction and pond management were addressed as well as food, secondary fish, ecosystem services and biodiversity. On the last day, the Stift Zwettl (carp) and Waldland (recirculation system) farms were visited before the module was concluded with an examination.

Education - Skilled workers in the fishing industry


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