Panta Rhei - Everything flows. Rivers and streams are the lifelines of nature and at the same time intensively used by us. In the event of flooding, these veins of life can be dangerous.

For sustainable flood protection and protection of our waters, all measures we take in these habitats must be in harmony with people and nature. We work out decision-making bases to solve these often-conflicting problems.

Our professional focus is on ecological hydraulic engineering. We use hydraulic engineering model tests and computer models as tools and we are working on their further development. It is important to us to develop ecological and economic solutions based on the current state of knowledge.

The following points briefly characterize our tasks:

  • Developing design and execution bases for measures of water protection, maintenance of waters and flood protection.
  • Prepare hydraulic engineering studies and expert reports based on hydraulic model tests and numerical models.
  • Develop basics for improving the quality of discharge measurements.
  • Consulting on hydraulic engineering problems.

Our extensive experience in the fields of hydraulic engineering and hydrometry, the ongoing training of our employees and cooperation with national and international institutions result in the great knowledge of our institute for project processing.

Bank erosion at the river Saalach after the flood in August 2013